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Center Winding underneath Musical Movement

Smaller 18 Note Clockwork Music Box Movement

  • 1) Item Code: MSKC18, Center Winding Underneath 18 Note Music Box Movement

    2) Basic Function: Mechanical device playing music

    3) Operating Principle: Rotating metal Cylinder knocking the steel Comb with keys

    4) Main Structure: Alloy base, Alloy drum, Unique steel comb, ABS spring house and Friction governor assembly, other accessories.

    5) Play Power: Spring power drive, Key wound

    6) Special Winding Shaft Position: Underneath, and at the Center of the music box movement

    7) Winding Shaft Thread Size: M3.5

    8) Winding Torque: 3 styles corresponding to your wind up music boxes, Low torque, Standard torque, Strong torque

    9) Dimensions: Diameter, 50.50mm, Height: 24mm

    10) Tunes Resource: Share 18 note pattern tunes resource, More than 800 hot tunes for selection

    11) Tunes Custom: Accept

    12) Music Notes Hold: 8~16 Bars, About 70 notes

    13) Music Length: 12 ~ 20 seconds

    14) Full Windup Playing Time: About 3 minutes

    15) Working Life (Full Windup Times): More than 500 times

    16) FOB unit price, 0.99~2.49usd

    17) MOQ: 400pcs per tune

  • Description
    • ITEM CODE: KS18C

      - Winding key position in the centre of movement,it\'s important to save space when design music box

      - Same sizes as common 18 note musical movement,51x45x35mm

      - The cost is lower than mini music movement.Usually use mini musical movement when design mini cute music boxes.

      - Share same tune resource with common 18 note music box.

      FeMelody Support,

      - The richest tunes resource

      - Mini order,

      - Cost-effective

      - High quality musical movement, soft clear sound style, stable quality more than 500 times fully winding up

  • Detailed introduction
    • 1) Make your music box compactly and smaller

      A) Although this model is belong to the Standard 18 note series, not the MINI series, But the Center winding design will help you to get enough place for winding, it will be helpful if you want to make your music box more compact and tiny.
      - The standard winding shaft position and The center winding shaft position comparison,(Drawing)The winding key may be visible or come up against the edge of box body when your music box is not large enough and using the standard winding musical movement, Ok, change the standard winding position movement and use the Center winding style, will get enough place for winding key and not need to make your music box bigger.

      B) If the winding shaft as the Support shaft or the Out-put rotating shaft, the center winding movement also can help you to save the place and let your wind up music boxes small enough. See attachments, if use the Standard winding movement, the minimum inter size of wind up music box should be 90mm, if use center winding model the minimum inter size should be 50.5mm only.

      By the way, The cost of the center winding style is 30% higher than the standard winding style, but it will help you to save the cost of box and keep the perfect shape music box you want, you consider comprehensive benefit and decide which style is better for you.

      2) Cost-effective than Mini series

      Certainly someone will say it’s not a problem at all!choose the Miniature series music box movement to achieve “Mini size” music box! but maybe following points are important for you,
      A)The cost of Mini model is about 30% higher than this center winding movement
      B)This center winding movement share standard 18 note tunes resource which is richer than mini tunes resource.
      C)The Standard 18 note movement series sound is louder than Mini style

      3) The richest tunes Resource, you want you get.Thicker base, Better sound quality.

      The alloy base of center winding model is thicker than the standard model, the sound also will be thick and better.

      4) Two styles for selection.

      Standard style and All-metal classical style.

      5) Two colors for All-metal classical style.

      Silvery and Golden.

      6)Also share the 18 note pattern tunes resource.

      Rich tunes for selection, customization is acceptable.

      7)Also share the same top quality music core parts of 18 note pattern.

      8)Support mini order.

      The mini order quantity is 400pcs per tune. No problem to offer smaller order but the cost will rise, And certainly the cost can be lower if larger order quantity.


      1).FeMelody Equipment, Produced by unique equipment in the world, the MUSICAL MOVEMENTS AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY LINE, Make sure the best product consistency, And Powerful producing capacity, Make sure Timely delivery.

      2).FeMelody Core - Top sound quality and Longer working life,


      FeMelody Have rich tunes resource, more than 800 hot tunes of 18 note pattern for selection, also can accept to customize your own songs.Refer to the Tunes custom guide)


      A)Six months for common music box movements, 12 months for Luxury music box movement.

      B)For regular customers, once the quality problem is confirmed,the free replacements for defects coming with next order together

      C)For others, offer 0.2% extra in advance. Also can offer free replacements if quality problem is confirmed, but customer need to pay delivery cost


      1)Our company reserves the right to update the products without prior notice, so please confirm with us before you place an order.

      2) Some tunes are not the public songs, Buyer and Importer should deal with it according to their locate rules. Information on how to locate copyright holders can be obtained from us

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