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Music Box Song Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf

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  • " Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf " ("Sleep, dear child, sleep") is a German lullaby .

    The oldest surviving version is a text and melody fragment of the first stanza , which appears in 1611 as part of a quodlibet in Melchior Franck's Fasciculus quodlibeticus .The current melody of the lullaby was composed by Johann Friedrich Reichardt in 1781 after a folk tune and also used for " Maikäfer flieg  [ de ] " ( cockchafer fly). The currently known text version was distributed by the third volume of the collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1808). As a template for the first stanza was a Low German version ofJohann Friedrich Schütze 's Holstein Idioticon (1806),the other stanzas are added poetry of Clemens Brentano . Franz Magnus Böhme reprinted 36 text variants in 1897.

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  • Description
    • Brand Name:FemelodyCategory:Baby Lullaby Tunes
      Model Number:FESKS18Available Melody:Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf
      Material:Zinc-alloyCustomized Music:Available
      Application:18 note music movementPrice:$1~399/pcs
      Unit Size:50.5*44.5*27mm Feature:Wind up
      Unit Weight:50gLead Time:3 weeks after we received the payment
      Play Power:Mainspring Sample Order:Available
      Packaging:25pcs/base,400pcs/cartonPlace of Origin:Ningbo,China
      MOQ:400pcs/tuneDeparture Port:Ningbo,Shanghai
      Music Duration:One tune of about 13~20 seconds,3 minutes power reservePayment:T/T 100% payment in advance,Paypal

  • Lyrics
    • Sleep, child, sleep,
      the father tends the sheep,
      the mother shakes the little tree,
      a dream falls down,
      sleep, child, sleep.

      Sleep, little children, sleep,
      the sheep are moving in the sky,
      the little stars are the little lambs,
      the moon is the little shepherd,
      sleep, little children, sleep.

      Sleep, little children, sleep,
      the little Christ child has a sheep,
      is itself the dear Lamb of God,
      which died around us all,
      sleep, little children, sleep!

      Sleep, child, sleep,
      I will give you a sheep
      With a fine golden bell,
      That shall be your playmate,
      Sleep, child, sleep!

      Sleep, child, sleep,
      and don't bawl like a sheep,
      otherwise the shepherd's little dog will come and
      bite my wicked child,
      sleep, child, sleep.

      Sleep, little child, sleep,
      Go away and look after the sheep,
      Go away, you little black dog,
      and don't wake up my little child,
      sleep, little child, sleep.

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