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    FeMeldoy- Melody from the NO.26 metallic element Fe. We just focus on the field of mechanical music boxes, 20 years experience. Will offer full range of mechanical music box parts such as Wind-up music box movements, Hand-crank music box movements, Battery-operated music box movements, Pull string music box movements, 18 note music box movements, luxury large music box movements , And also offer various music boxes, such as Wooden music boxes, Acrylic music boxes, Paper design music boxes, Baby musical mobile and DIY music boxes.

    FeMelody Mission
    We specialize in responsibly offering mechanical music boxes with high level quality or core technology for the wholesaler around the world,
    , Offering personalized mechanical music boxes, customize your own songs, customize your own design boxes.
    ,Save your cost and time, we have full range of music box movements, the richest resources of tunes and various of mechanical music boxes, also would provide supply chain solutions to meet needs of the customers' and add long term value to their stop shop!a
    ,Support smaller order, good service for small-middle retailers
    - Provide the professional consulting. Comparing with B2B platform and trading company, FeMelody offers more. B2B offer information via internet, but B2B platform know nothing about Mechanical music box Industry, FeMelody is professional team in field of mechanical music box, especial the music box movement. We know everything about mechanical music box, the melodies from the Fe.

    FeMelody People
    Our business is built upon our people, factories and importers. FeMeldoy people love the melodies form the metal element Fe, all are the fans of classical mechanical music box.We are professional and patient enough to discuss, explain everything about mechanical music boxes with wholesaler, retailer,old clients, new customers, inquirers or the fans who just want to talking something about the music box. We care about our people, members of importers and supplier, and creating a sustainable future together.

    - FeMelody FOCUS
    Mechanical music boxes, Melodies from the metallic element Fe

    - FeMelody HISTORY
    20 years experience in mechanical music boxes, included music box movements, wooden music boxes, Clear Music Boxes

    - FeMelody RESOURCES
    Most complete of music box movements resource, Richest tunes resource in the world

    - FeMelody QUALITY
    Special unique music box movements Automatic Assembly Line, Experienced worker, Offer the Top level sound quality music core and excellent box

    - FeMelody CUSTOM
    Accept to customize to your own songs, Customize your own design boxes

    - FeMelody SUPPORT
    We support smaller order, good service for small-middle retailers

    - FeMelody DELIVERY
    Strong production capacity, Delivery in time!

    - FeMelody WARRANTY
    Offer the replacements for defective one