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Custom Color Mechanism Personalized Music Boxes

Customize Your Own Colour Music Box Mechanism

  • 1) Model Code: MHS18CC, Personalized Colors 18 Note Hand Crank Music Box

    2) Basic Function: Mechanical musical device

    3)Level: Standard 18 note

    4) Operating Principle: Crank operated metallic Drum knocking the steel Comb

    5) Main Structure: Alloy base, Alloy drum, Metallic crank, Steel Comb

    6) Dimensions: 47x36x21mm(Not including the length of crank)

    7) Color: Golden or Custom

    8) Play Power: Crank operated

    9) Handle Optional: Color plastic ball handle or Metal handle

    10) Tunes Resource: Richest standard 18 note pattern tunes resource, More than 800 most popular songs for selection

    11) Tunes Custom: Accept to customize your own songs

    12) Music Notes Hold: 8~16 Bars, About 70 notes

    13) Music Length: 12 ~ 20 seconds

    14) Service Life: More than 5000 times

    15) FOB Unit Price, 0.99~2.49usd

    16) MOQ:

    a) Golden color, 400pcs per song

    b) Other custom colors, 5000pcs per tune

  • Description

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism, Golden clour mechansim, Silvery colour mechanism are optional

      - Customize your personalized color

      - MOQ, MORE THAN 5000PCS per colour

      - Delivery Time: 45 Days

  • Detailed introduction
    • 1. Widely used in transparent music boxes

      Many musical movements are installed into the music box and are invisible, there is no need to make musical movement color beautiful appearance. But if your hand crank music boxes are transparent, the musical movement is visible in the boxes and your boxes are with high quality selling in high level price, Somebody maybe hope the music box movement also can be with beautiful appearance. Ok, the custom color may be a good way to make the musical movement more beautiful and make your complete music boxes more beautiful.

      2. Share the richest 18 note pattern tunes Resource, you want you get.

      Total 3000 tunes,  and more than 100 hot baby lullaby tunes for selection. Still can not find the one you love?  ok, customize songs for you. How to customize? Refer to the Tune Custom Guide.

      3. Why FeMelody hand crank music boxes be in great quality

      1) FeMelody Equipment, Produced by unique equipment in the world, the MUSICAL MOVEMENTS AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY LINE, Make sure the best product consistency, And Powerful producing capacity, Make sure Timely delivery.

      2) FeMelody Comb

      Comb is the most important core in crank operated music box, all melodies come from this part. We use unique formula steel material and proprietary manufacturing process to make sure all notes are in perfect intonation and sound beautiful and clear

      3) FeMelody Drum

      Drum is the accessory which knocking the keys of comb and making sound. It’s also a important part in hand crank music box. We take more than 15 processes to make sure every pins are in same height and knocking evenly the keys of comb.

      In addition, we make reasonable arrangement of notes,make sure all notes are in right Rhythm   and and the reasonable arrangement also can raise the service life of comb and drum

      4) FeMelody Crankshaft

      We can make sure the perfect straightness, it’s very important to make the hand crank music box operating smoothly.

      In addition, we design double thread to get more efficiency for driving

      4. How to identify the High quality hand crank music and Low quality hand crank music

      1) Certainly, first of all, listen it. The sound should be clear, in right intonation, in right rhythm and low noise.

      2) The appearance should be clear, no dirty. The metallic part should be fresh color, not look black and old.

      3) Complete manufacturing processes. Almost low quality music box parts lost the the Tight alignment process which make the notes be in exact intonation. The tight alignment process require special equipment and technology, most of factories producing low quality music box can not do that.


      FeMelody Have rich tunes resource, more than 800 hot tunes of 18 note pattern for selection, also can accept to customize your own songs.Refer to the Tunes custom guide)


      A)Six months for common music box movements, 12 months for Luxury music box movement.

      B)For regular customers, once the quality problem is confirmed,the free replacements for defects coming with next order together

      C)For others, offer 0.2% extra in advance. Also can offer free replacements if quality problem is confirmed, but customer need to pay delivery cost


      1)Our company reserves the right to update the products without prior notice, so please confirm with us before you place an order.

      2) Some tunes are not the public songs, Buyer and Importer should deal with it according to their locate rules. Information on how to locate copyright holders can be obtained from us
  • Golden Color
    • Golden Colour Music Box Mechanism

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism GOLDEN COLOUR

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism GOLDEN COLOUR

  • Silvery Colour
    • Silvery Colour Music Box Mechanism

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism SILVERY COLOUR

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism SILVERY COLOUR

  • Antique Colour
    • Antique Brass Colour Music Box Mechanism

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism ANTIQUE BRASS COLOUR

      - Standard 18 note hand crank music box mechanism ANTIQUE BRASS COLOUR

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