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How to handle the wind up music mechanism
  • How To Handle

    Musical movement is a very precise mechanism, so please pay attention to the following items when it is used or assembled.

    1. Please drive the mechanism in the right way and don’t exert an unusual extra power on other parts lest gear damage or spring decoupling.

    2. When winding up the spring-driven movement or extracting the key, please don’t operate severely. The explosive force which is formed from severe operation ,will aggravate the wear and tear of the gear, reduce the serve life of the mechanism, even be damaged.

    3. Take care of the musical movement and avoid be dropped, struck, crushed. Excessive force will result in deformation of some precise parts, like friction governor assembly, comb, gear and so on.

    4. In order to avoid gear being stuck which may result in a stop of the musical movement, please make sure that dust, dirt and debris are keep away from musical movement.

    5. In order to avoid attenuating the antirust capability of the metal parts of the mechanism, please keep away from the humid conditions, wet glue or paint and other aggressive materials.