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  • **HOW TO CHOOSE - Cost

    - Which Models are the cheapest and most popular?

    The answer is The standard 18 note models.

    The reasons as below:

    1. With the simplest structure,can be manufactured by automatic equipment, and the cost can be lower than other models.

    2. With the richest tune resources.

    3. The quality is stable because of the simple structure.

    Some standard 18 note models as following, for your reference,

    A) Standard 18 note wind up musical movement: - Wind up the movement by key . Size:51x45x22cm

  • B) Standard 18 note hand cranked musical movement- Size:47x36x21cm

  • C) Whats more, if you install more optional attachments, you can get more functions which your want, such pull-string musical movement,Stop function musical movement,Centre winding up musical movement,Rotating function musical movement etc.

  • - The factors which will increase the cost,

    1) Good looking.

    The cost will rise if choose the Golden colour or Polish & Planted teeth process, these models usually are used for high-end music box or the musical movement is visible.For example,

    **18 note golden color musical movement

  • **18 note Polish & Planted teeth process Deluxe musical movement

  • 2) Bigger sizes

    Big sizes musical movements usually are made of more expensive materials(such as some parts are made of brass) and processed by a higher technology.

    ** 30 note large deluxe musical movement

  • **50 note large deluxe musical movement

  • 3) Better Sound

    If you want more beautiful even perfect sound, youd better choose the large deluxe musical movement,such as 50 note or 78 note musical movement.

    4) Optional Functions.

    If you want to get more functions,not only the music,such as stop function,Rotating function and others, you can install some attachments on the musical movement, but the cost will be raised.

    ** Stop function musical movement,

  • ** Rotating Function

  • If you have any questions still after reading this article? Please contact us or waiting for update articles.


    Try to consider following several factors and find out the correct models for your musical box toys.

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    - FeMelody is specialized in the field of musical movement more than 20 years, we know every thing about musical movement, supply all models of musical movement,can help customers to solve all kinds of problems about musical movements.

    And, the musical movement is a traditional musical device with long history,usually its will be as the most important parts for your music boxes. And there are many types on musical movements, how to choose the right one for your music box design? We will publish a nine-article series to help you to get the exact model of musical movement.