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Miniature Pull String Music Box

Small Pull string Musical Mobile Movement

  • 1) Model Code: MPSM18

    2)Basic Function: Mechanical device playing music

    3) Special Feature, Smaller size

    4) Additional Function: Pull string device, Protective shell case

    5)Characteristic Function: Mini size

    6) Main Structure: Metal structure musical instrument, ABS shell case

    7) Play Power: Spring power drive, Pull string operation

    8)Rewinding Force: Can be less than 9 LBS when fix low torque spring meeting EN71 safety

    9) Dimensions: Diameter, 47x39x22mm

    10) Tunes Resource: Miniature 18 note pattern tunes resource, More than 100 hot baby lullaby tunes for selection

    11) Tunes Custom: Acceptable

    12)Music Notes Hold: 4~16 Bars, About 60 notes

    13) Music Length: 8~ 16 seconds

    14) Full Windup Playing Time: About 100 seconds

    15) Working Life (Full Windup Times): More than 500 times

    16) FOB Unit Price, 1.95~3.45usd

    17) MOQ: 600pcs per tune

    18) PACKING: 400pcs/Carton

    19) The Length Of String Staying Outside: Usual 7cm, but can be customized

  • Description
    • Model Code: PSM18, Mini Pull String musical box

      1) Basic Function: Mechanical sound device playing melody

      2)Operation: Winding up by pull cord device

      3)Characteristic: Mini Size

      4)Music Length: 12 ~ 20 seconds

      5)Full Windup Playing Time: About 2 minutes

      6)Working Life (Full Windup Times): More than 500 times

      7)Length of String, Customized.

      FeMelody Support,

      - Support the richest tunes resource,especially the baby lullaby

      - Support Mini order, FOB price,1.99~3.45USD

      - Very cost-effective if more than MOQ

      - High quality musical movement, soft clear sound style, stable quality more than 500 times fully winding up

  • Detailed introduction
    • 1)Miniature design, Widely used in tiny cute baby musical toys

      The music core is a top quality mini size 18 note pattern musical toy mechanism, after fix the shell case and pull string device, the shape dimensions are 47x39x22mm, the shape dimensions of Standard pull string musical toy are 55x49x32mm, Yes, about 10mm less, but the cost is about 40% higher than the standard size pull string musical toy. So if your design is so cute and tiny, it’s a good choice


      2) Share the miniature 18 note pattern tunes Resource, you want you get.

      Total 1000 tunes, and more than 100 hot baby lullaby tunes for selection. Still can not find the one you love? ok, customize songs for you. How to customize? Refer to the Tune Custom Guide.

      4) Stable quality, Lower rejects

      We have rich experience in mini series more than 15 years, the quality of music core is more stable than others in market, Good retraction performance, Lower defective rate and the Withdrawal force meeting safety standard. withdrawal force meeting safety standard.

      5) Soft sound quality, Better for baby

      Share the FM top quality music core parts. Soft and clear sound quality, better for baby.

      6) Meet EUR & US standard, Safer for baby

      Meeting EN71(Part 1~ Part 3), RoHS, REACH etc.

      7) Support Smaller order.

      The mini order quantity is 600pcs per tune. No problem to offer smaller order but the cost will rise, And certainly the cost can be lower if larger order quantity.

      8) How to order Pull string music box?

      A) Pull Cord music box toys list

      - Standard pull cord music box

      - Common Mini size pull cord music box

      - Washable standard pull cord music box

      - Washable mini size pull cord music box

      - Rapid retraction mini size pull cord music box

      B) Do you want Washable or Non-washable for your baby musical toys? And Cost of washable pull cord musical toys are 20% higher than non-washable pull cord musical toys

      C) Do you need Standard size size or Mini size for your baby music box toys?. Cost of mini size pull cord musical toys are 40% higher than standard size pull cord musical toys

      D) So far the rapid retraction is a optional feature only for common mini pull string music box toy, not available for Standard pull string music boxes and Common mini pull string music box. The cost is 10% high than Common mini pull cord music box toys.

      E) The length of string outside may be customized.


      1).FeMelody Equipment, Produced by unique equipment in the world, the MUSICAL MOVEMENTS AUTOMATIC ASSEMBLY LINE, Make sure the best product consistency, And Powerful producing capacity, Make sure Timely delivery.

      2).FeMelody Core - Top sound quality and Longer working life,

      A)Core part 1- FeMelody comb

      B)Core part 2- FeMelody drum

      C)Core part3 - FeMelody base

      D)Core part4 - FeMelody friction


      FeMelody Have rich tunes resource, more than 800 hot tunes of 18 note pattern for selection, also can accept to customize your own songs.Refer to the Tunes custom guide)


      A)Six months for common music box movements, 12 months for Luxury music box movement.

      B)For regular customers, once the quality problem is confirmed,the free replacements for defects coming with next order together

      C)For others, offer 0.2% extra in advance. Also can offer free replacements if quality problem is confirmed, but customer need to pay delivery cost


      1)Our company reserves the right to update the products without prior notice, so please confirm with us before you place an order.

      2) Some tunes are not the public songs, Buyer and Importer should deal with it according to their locate rules. Information on how to locate copyright holders can be obtained from us

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